Virtual Reality Simulator

Virtual Reality Aircrew Training offers a new training paradigm, enhancing teamwork, allowing controlled training in high-risk scenarios with stunning visuals.

Off Planet Simulation blends the real and the virtual, placing pilots, loadmasters and aircrew into spaces which provide immersive task and mission training.

A high-quality virtual reality training, standardisation and currency tool for all mission aircrew.

The Off Planet Simulation aircrew virtual reality simulator represent a capability revolution in synthetic simulation. Designed to meet the requirements of Military and SAR/EMS operators, it provides the ability to conduct loadmaster and aircrew member procedural training and operational rehearsal in a virtual environment within a traditional static trainer. The device provides total immersion for trainees and students in a safe, controlled environment.

Developed by professionals for professionals.

Off Planet Simulation developed the Virtual Reality Crew Trainer concept in co-operation with experienced Military and Civilian aircrew members and instructors. Designed to replicate the systems, environment and operating characteristics of any client operating type, the system can be integrated into a training or operational readiness syllabus. It offers options for hoists, simulated load handling and a control station allowing pilots to integrate in full procedural training. In addition, the device can be integrated with a pilot control station or flight simulator, allowing integration of pilots and mission crews in a shared operating environment.

Outsized capability inside your budget.

The Virtual Reality Crew Trainer provides operators with a unique plug-and-play simulation tool. With worry-free maintenance requiring no specialist skills or experience the trainer enables Rear-Crew recency and familiarisation training to be conducted in a controlled environment with low operating costs.

  • Exceptional Realism
  • Full aerodynamic flight model for dynamic realism
  • Bushfire Module
  • SAR, Air Dispatch and Hoist
  • Compact installation
  • Integration with aircraft or helicopter simulators

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