TesserACT™ Operational Simulators

Flexible VR training environments

Off Planet Simulation developed TesserACT as a multi-purpose simulation capability. TesserACT leverages knowledge acquired through three years of extensive research and development to provide a safe, immersive VR training device.

TesserACT platforms can be built with dimensions to suit customer needs with all internal surfaces un-intrusively mapped into the VR environment. Trainees are provided with a blended virtual and physical environment where surfaces, handles and controls can be seen, felt and interacted with.

Designed to support simulation of  aircraft, vehicle or ground positions, TesserACT provides a safe, observable training environment allowing a trainee to become immersed in the Virtual Environment.

Equipped with full network connectivity, TesserACT modules can be configured to work in a single blended environment or as standalone training devices. Motion capable, the TesserAct operational simulator supports multiple accessories and configurable seating. Offering flexible, reconfigurable training; the TesserACT allows organisations to simulate multiple aircraft or vehicle types via quick-release, repositionable modules.

TesserACT Simulation Environment

The TesserACT core virtual training environment enables combined air, land and maritime operations within a single environment. TesserACT is extendable and integrates multiple distributed users using TesserACT platforms, simulators or static training environments.

TesserACT supports VR, projected and screen-based simulation. TesserACT is designed to support your current and future training needs through a single capability acquisition into which future simulation scenarios can be integrated. Supporting DIS protocol, tesserACT is also capable of integrating with existing simulators and bespoke simulation devices.

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