NVG Goggle Simulator

Off Planet Simulation developed our augmented reality Night Vision Goggle trainer from the ground up.

The trainer gives operators the ability to introduce a student to Night Vision Goggle (NVG) operations. Our augmented reality NVG goggles accurately represent the ergonomics and visual performance of real world equipment.

Using the NVG simulator, students gain an understanding of the basic operations of the goggles:

  • Fitment
  • Focusing
  • Adjusting inter-pupillary distance

Once students are familiar with goggle operation, the NVG simulator allows familiarisation with failure scenarios in a controlled environment. Our interface gives operators the unique ability to introduce students to all of the common NVG tube failure modes and their visual appearance.

  • Honeycomb
  • Black Spots
  • Edge Glow
  • Power Failure
  • Single or Multi-Tube

Alongside basic familiarisation, the ability of the training system to connect multiple NVG’s at the same time allows students and experienced operators to practice CRM and Standard Operating Procedures in a controlled environment with realistic visuals. This can occur in any simulator scenario, including within a virtual flight-deck to aid realism and immersion.

  • SOP familiarisation
  • CRM practice
  • Operational techniques
  • Visual appearance familiarity
  • Route pre-fly

Contact us for more information on our custom NVG training systems. We can design a system to suit your needs.

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