Bushfire Simulator

Complete Bushfire Scenario Immersion.

With the global threat of bushfires increasing, firefighting agencies need to act with speed and effectiveness. Training, rehearsal and command and control exercises are essential to assure rapid, effective responses.

Bushfire simulation in the Off Planet Simulation TesserACT virtual environment allows local, state or national agencies to stay ahead of the threat, training new personnel and exercising current assets.

Simulating bushfires in high-threat areas or learning lessons from previous events.

Exercising assets in high-risk scenarios to increase operational familiarity.

Increasing safety and preparedness.

A co-ordinated approach requires a high-fidelity training environment. The Off Planet Simulation bushfire simulator provides fire-fighting agencies with real-time bushfire simulation and training in a realistic virtual environment.

Pilots, observers and front-line response personnel experience total scenario immersion with compelling VR or high-quality wrap-around visuals. Ground commanders can exercise communications procedures and co-ordinate the response in real-time, feeding back into the virtual environment.

Wildfire behavior is generated from fire modelling simulators, or previous fire events, further increasing realism.

Integrate front line and command & control training.

Multiple visualisation options for command-center training.

– Users inside the environment

– Simulated electro-optic video streams

– Simulated media feeds

Ground personnel can be placed at forward control positions inside the virtual environment, directing air and ground assets and reporting back to command centers while pilots and aircrew respond, allowing every stakeholder to fully participate in the scenario.

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