Flight Simulators

We specialise in developing high-fidelity, affordable simulation solutions for military, law enforcement and civilian clients.

Our flight simulator technology combines accurate cockpits, high-fidelity flight models and quality visuals.

With emphasis on simplicity and maintainability, we supply systems as plug-and-train ready with availability above 99.5%.

A high-quality flight simulator for all stages of flight training.

The Off Planet Simulation AST+ Synthetic Trainer represents a capability revolution in rotary-wing flight training. Designed to meet the requirements of professional military and civilian training schools, or for internal training and checking syllabuses, the simulator provides a platform for training elementary, basic and advanced aircraft handling and flight management.

Off Planet Simulation developed the Advanced Synthetic Trainer+ (AST+) concept in co-operation with experienced Military and Civilian helicopter pilots and instructors. With models available to model the systems and handling of the Bell 206 helicopter, AS365 Dauphine or any other required type, the system can be integrated into any flight training syllabus for use in instrument flight training and for the introduction of visual flight skills.

Accelerated learning, increased student success.

When the AST+ is incorporated into your training programme, students and pilot experience a leap in learning, understanding and retention. Students experience learning in an immersive, realistic environment, multiplying the value of real flight hours. Student confidence, familiarity and success increases.

Outsized capability inside your budget.

The AST+ provides schools with a unique simulation tool at a price point compatible with single-engine gas turbine training costs and with worry-free maintenance requiring no specialist skills or experience and a compact installation footprint.

Designed for flight training pilots of all levels, the Off Planet Simulation AST+ is available in IFR and VFR configurations as well as options for NVG compatibility tested against in-service NVG goggles. Off Planet Simulation is pleased to offer either conventional instrumentation or a Full IFR fit using out proprietory technologies to integrate genuine Aspen EFD1000* EFIS displays and the Garmin 430 GPS*. Alternatively, we can incorporate your preferred IFR avionics.

The AST+ is equipped with a full 230° x 60° wrap-around visual system with object detection at less than 2 arc minutes for ICAO 9625 compliance. This immersive environment creates strong vestibular sense of motion without the cost, complexity and space requirements of a full-motion platform. If motion cues are required, Off Planet Simulation can integrate the D-BOX* motion platform to provide pilots with enhanced feedback.

Plug-and-train installation requiring a single 240v power supply. Touchscreen instructor interface provides an intuitive system requiring minimum training time, allowing line instructors to walk straight into the AST+ and begin training immediately.

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